With Matt Perrins winning Event #57, the $5,000 No Limit Hold ‘Em just days before the start of the Main Event, all the UK players will be desperate to make a bid for the greatest Final Table any poker player could dream to make.


The last UK player to clock up a final table appearance in the WSOP Main Event was James Akenhead, winning $1.2 million for his efforts and all the UK players will be keen to replicate, if not better James’ efforts.


The support for UK Players once they have made a final has been immense and the British rail has been gaining quite a reputation up and down the Las Vegas Strip. If a UK player is to make the final table in 2013, the Penn and Teller theatre will be sold out and noise levels will be epic!


Here is a selection of current UK Player standing’s from Day 1A – DAY 1C of Event #60, the $10,000 No Limit Hold ‘Em. More updates to come from DAY 1D – DAY1F soon…..



Micky Werner 170,325

Yucel Eminoglu 147,425

Tomas Macnamara 129,900

Liya Gerasimova 102,950

Sean Smith 101,050

Eli Heath 83,325

Sebastian Gohr 69,000

Philip Long 67,600

Jonathan Prince 61,300

Priyan de Mel 58,425

Martins Adeniya 50,000

Victoria Coren 27,500



Day 1B

Jonas Lauck 114,600

Rupert Elder 94,800

Liv Boeree 93,125

Najib Kamand 92,550

Louis Salter 85,000

James Morris 83,875

Sunny Chattha 63,350

Jack Ellwood 54,700

Ross Boatman 53,375

John Eames 52,000

Joe Laming 49,750

Laurence Houghton 48,650

Chris Moorman 44,525

Teddy Sheringham 40,775

Michael Greco 38,575

Neil Channing 37,300

Charles Chattha 24,800




Sam Grafton 112,325

Jake Cody 75,200

Stuart Rutter 55,700

James Mitchell 43,000

Rupom Pal 41,950