Entries: 6,352


Remaining: 1743


Payouts begin with 648 players remaining



Day 2 of the World Series of Poker 2013 came to an end this morning with many UK players notching up some good stack sizes going into Day 3.


The World Series of Poker is the most highly anticipated Poker festival across the world, held at the Rio All Suite and Casino, Las Vegas. There is a European version of the event held in France. During its London residency we were fortunate enough to provide the tables. For some pictures please have a look around our poker page.


The buy-in for the event is $10,000 and has been ever since 1972, when Amarillo Slim beat a field of just 8 players in a winner takes all format, getting his hands on $80,000 having beat Walter ‘Puggy’ Pearson heads up for the title. This years event has drawn in 6,352 entries.


The 2013 WSOP sees the introduction of events where the buy-in is larger than the sum Amarillo Slim won for his 1st place back in 1972, notably the one drop high roller event with a buy-in of $111,111. However the main event has still remained a $10,000 buy-in event.


Despite the increase in buy-in prices and the various high-roller events, the prize everyone craves is to win the Main Event.  The fact it is no longer the highest buy-in event available does not draw away from the kudos and bragging rights of being named The WSOP Champion.


The Main event has not been won by a British player since 1990, when Mansour Matloubi beat a field of just 194 players to lay claim to the $895,000 1st prize. Here’s how a few of the Brits stack up for the beginning of Day 3


Rupert Elder 342,500


Jonas Lauck 308,300


Stephen Bellamy 254,000


Stephen Chidwick 231,000


Nicholas Crisp 224,400


Tom Alner 215,200


James Morris 200,600


Tim Davie 191,200


Philip Long 189,500


Neil Walker 185,000


Liya Gerasimova 180,600


Martins Adeniya 170,000


Jake Cody 160,000


Liv Boeree 158,800


Alexander Schechter 138,500


Salman Behbehani 137,500


James Bord 135,000


Nicolas Levi 128,200


Kevin Williams 125,100


Joe Laming 123,700


Alex Ferrand 123,700


Luke Schwartz 118,000


Mats Rosen 110,700


Morgan Sorfleet 104,800


Paul Alterman 101,800


Sam Grafton 100,000


Micky Wehner 96,200


Najib Kamand 94,000


Sebastian Gohr 91,200


John Eames 96,100


Shane Warne 84,200


Darren Judges 81,900


Cyrill Gustavsson 80,000


Alistair Hill 54,900


Ross Boatman 51,700


Stuart Rutter 51,675


Jonathan Prince 49,200


Sonny Solomon 46,300


Tomas Macnamara 42,600


Louis Salter 32,500


Matthew Ashton 30,000


David Vamplew 27,000


Sam Holden 23,300


James Mitchell 23,000