Of the 6,352 players that entered the World Series of Poker Main Event there are now 666 remaining. With 648 players getting paid a minimum of $19,100 we are approaching the bubble in this year’s main event.


The bubble occurs when all the remaining players have made the money and there is 1 unfortunate player who will place 649th in the tournament and go home empty handed. Check out the video below to watch the bubble from the World Series of Poker Europe 2010.





The tables in this clip were provided by Viva Vegas for this event and you too can play on the same tables as the pro’s. Check out our poker page for more info.



Find below the chip counts for the remaining UK players at the end of Day 3 from the WSOP Main Event 2013



Kevin Williams 808,500 (13th)


Luke Schwartz 620,500 (38th)
Kevin Allen 475,000 (102nd)
Steve Watts 472,500
Philip Long 465,500
Oliver Price 461,500
Sadan Turker 430,000
Eli Heath 367,500
Stephen Chidwick 367,000
Tom Alner 355,000
Jake Cody 350,000
Danny Laming 341,000
Nick Hicks 306,500
John Eames 285,000
Stephen Bellamy 265,500
Rupert Elder 189,500
Jonas Lauck 180,000
Neil Walker 148,000
Salman Behbehani 137,100
James Bord 130,000
Ashley Mason 126,000
Gary Fisher 125,000
Nicolas Levi 123,500
Micky Wehner 120,000
Bryan Coyne 108,000
Martins Adeniya 88,000
James Mitchell 79,200