Top 5 Entertainment Ideas

5 Office Quiz Night

The perfect way to provide a cheap and cheerful format for entertaining your colleagues, you clients or both. Our quizzes can be catered for you by creating specialist rounds on your working world as well as general knowledge rounds, picture quizzes and music quizzes via our PA system.

Our experienced quiz master will host your evening and provide all the equipment and knowledge you need with a balanced set of questions to test all abilities. Let’s find out who really is the smartest in the office and who can surprise you with their bank of useless information

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4 Cross-departmental Scalextric Competition

Bring together members from your various company departments to compete at our giant slot car track. Our huge 8-lane track can act as an entertaining format to bring together members of divisions within your company who may not normally cross paths. Whether you mix up the teams or allow departments to play together we can provide a suitable format to encourage a competitive night of cross-departmental team bonding.

The track itself can be installed in your own office or alternatively in a hired venue. The portable track is delivered in separate parts and within 45 minutes we can have it set and ready for a night of high octane slot car racing. The track itself measures a whopping 4.5m by 2.1m and we man the track for you for the night whilst organising the night for you so you are free to enjoy the evening and compete against your colleagues.

Check out the track in action here at our most recent office based Giant Scalextric event.



3 Client entertainment Horse Racing Event

If you have trouble arranging the time to treat your clients to a night at the races, why not let the racecourse come to you. Our horse racing events provide a perfect platform for enticing clients to come and pay a visit and allow for some all -important networking.

Our pre-recorded races can be displayed via in-house equipment if required or if unavailable our package can include a large 2m by 2m screen to display the races on via a projector.

So to recreate the genuine feel of a day at the races we can dress up your office or external venue with picket fencing, astro and even toy horses. Our team, fully dressed in jockey silks or flat caps, can act as ticket sellers and arrange the all-important prize giving at the end of the night to the luckiest punter in the paddock!

Check out our racing in action at a recent client entertainment evening.



2 Branded Casino Night

Just missing out on top spot are our branded casino nights. Branding can provide for a very memorable evening and clients will leave with fond memories and a positive association with your company. Branding your casino evening can stretch the budget a little but often provides great feedback and positive ROI on your event.

We can brand the tables for you and the casino playing chips, and guests are then able to take a branded chip home with them as a permanent tangible memory of the great night you put on for them.

Furthermore we can store the branded casino cloth and chips for you to allow you to run the event again in the future. Check out some of the branded tables and chips below we have made for previous branded casino nights.



1 Client Poker Night

At number 1 is the ever popular and hugely successful client poker night. Poker is certainly one of the more popular games we provide due to how sociable a game it can be. Tables seat 10 players at one time and colleagues and clients can pit their wits against each other across the baize. Our team of Poker dealers are amongst some of the best in the world and as such you will be in good hands. We can teach guests how to play as well by providing tuition sessions prior to the start of your poker tournament.

We can cater for small client entertainment nights as well as much larger crowds thanks to our stock of over 30 tables. We can install our poker tables in your office or an external venue.

Venues we have installed poker tables in have included the Playboy Club, The London Aquarium and the Savoy Hotel Ballroom. We can help with recommendations on venues as a fairly large space is required.