Play Poker at the Aquarium

Poker Nights with a Twist


We all need to unwind occasionally because work can be all-consuming and stressful. Fortunately the good people at Threadneedle Investments know how to reward their staff and clients with an evening of free entertainment. Colleagues and long-standing clients were invited to play a poker tournament at the London Aquarium on our brand new poker tables.


The attendees instantly got into the spirit of things by fishing for straights and flushes, whilst the sharks picked off the weaker players!


The tournament kicked off with 60 players entering, playing across 6 tables. Those who made the final table enjoyed the experience of fighting for the top prize on Threadneedles’ very own branded poker table. For those who were not so fortunate to make the final table we ran a secondary tournament on the remaining tables.


The unique venue and the poker tournament combined made for a fun-filled night of entertainment thoroughly enjoyed by all and we even received a glowing testimonial from our client.


Just a quick note to say thank you for another great event.  You & the team did a wonderful job!


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