Dice Masterclass

Viva Vegas is proud to announce it’s newest offering, the Dice Masterclass.


Craps is without doubt one of the most exciting casino games to play. It is a fast paced game with a whole host of different bets which can seem rather daunting at first glance. Our professional dealers have dealt (or played!) dice all over the world from London to the Caribbean and of course in Las Vegas. We have even taught craps to the cast of Guys and Dolls for Richard Eyre’s production at the National Theatre.


We supply you with a genuine craps table offering you the best possible dice experience; we have various table sizes which can be set in virtually any type of venue from bars, to offices to private houses. The masterclass sessions are designed not only to teach you the rules and how to play but also to entertain you. This will start with a run through of the game.


With craps if we manage only one thing, we will explain to you the main bet of the game ‘The Pass Line’. Once you understand this, then you are on your way to mastering the whole game. The tutorial will be followed by a fun competition putting your new Craps knowledge to the test. Each guest will be give ‘fun money’ to buy in for chips at the table. A prize can be awarded to the highest winners at the end.