Branding Opportunities

See below images of various branded cloths and visuals we have provided


Options include

Branded chips

Branded felt

Branded scalextric track

Branded cards

Branded fun money

Large screen poker clock with company name and logo


Casino Table Sizes

Poker Table Hire

240cm long by 120cm wide

Blackjack Table Hire

180cm long by 110cm wide on a half moon shape

Craps Table Hire

200cm by 120cm up to 240cm by 150cm

Roulette Table Hire

From 240cm by 130cm up to 270cm by 150cm

Wheel of Fortune Hire

From 180cm high by 90cm diameter to 210cm high – 120cm diameter

Slot Machine Hire

From 140cm by 60cm up to 170cm by 60cm